Window washing and window cleaning business in San Francisco, CA, Marin County, CA, and Berkeley, CA.

Established in 2012


Based in California, Sparkling Finish started out as a small business. Long hours, honesty, and handwork resulted in our advancing company. We believe in our customers. Comfort and Satisfaction are important for us because customers offer us a reputation that no one else does. No matter the job size, the area, or the person; we always believe in treating all of our customers to the best extent. Our customers reflect on our company, because of them, and only them, we are successful.


Not only are our customers highly valued, our skill and professionalism is top notch. It’s known in our company that commitment and effort is key to a striving business. That’s why we try our best to improve every day to meet the expectations of the industry. Sparkling Finish has met the top standards of the Bay Area Green Certified Business Program; We are licensed and insured.


In 2008 I began working as a window cleaner and over the years fell in love with my job, customers, and exciting environment . In 2012, I decided to try out window cleaning on my own with the set of skills I have accumulated over the years. Efficacy and the experience in window cleaning has made me eager not to only get the job done but strive to provide 100% costumer satisfaction.