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Keeping your windows Sparkling Clean is our passion.

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Sparkling Finish offers a variety of services that are done professionally with extensive care and professional technique.
Clean and Affordable; this is the list of services that we have to offer.

Window Cleaning

At Sparkling Finish, we specialize in window cleaning; providing professional care to your windows, sills, tracks, and frames.


That time of year again? It’s alright, at Sparkling Finish we use methods that are quick and effective in clearing roofs, gutters, and downspouts. We also offer gutter and downspout screens and installation. Screens help keep large junk, like leaves and twigs, out of gutters and downspouts.

Solar Panel Cleaning

We also include solar panel cleaning in our services! We do our best to clean every inch of the panels, and they are cleaned thoroughly, carefully.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is essential to a beautiful home or a business. We offer exterior washing of the walls, stairs, decks, sidewalks and patios.

Awning Cleaning

Keeping awnings clean is very important for homes and businesses. It creates a better curb appeal and prolongs the life of the investment. We use special detergent to clean to give them a brand new appearance!

Christmas Lights

Do your Christmas lights need installation or removal? Cleaning and/or servicing?

Bird Control

Have a bird problem on your building? Do you not want the birds to return? Need a custom solution for your bird or animal problem, let us know today?!


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